Situational Pistol (Lvl 2)

The Situational Pistol course is designed to pick up where Foundations Pistol finished. We begin with working with the holster in order to improve our use and speed. We then progress to reloads of the handgun, emphasizing both speed and tactical reloads. We work on firearm manipulation skills in order to improve economy of motion and time. Malfunction clearances are our next order of business, as it is imperative that in the case of our firearm running out of ammunition or in the event of a malfunction we can make our firearm functional again under the stress of a self-defense or time constrained situation. We then progress to shooting from behind cover while we are shooting at moving targets. These exercises are the best to prepare us for possible real-life defensive situations, and therefore we begin to build this skill set and emphasize repetition in future classes.

During this course we will fire 150 rounds of ammunition and the class is four hours in length.

Public: $150.00
Members: $105.00