Personal Training

Some people enjoy firearm training with others in our group lessons.  For others, they learn in our one on one training environments. At our outdoor gun range just South of Denton, Texas we offer private lessons where we can evaluate where your ability and skill level.  The goal of our one-on-one training is to help you achieve your personal proficiency goals. All levels of shooters benefit from personalized instruction. One-on-one lessons last one or two hours and cover a variety of methods and techniques. The qualified instructors at Proactive Defense come from all different backgrounds and have a wide variety of skills to draw from to give you a full training experience. The training at Proactive Defense is helpful for beginners to advanced firearms users.  Firearm training covers entry-level firearm handling to advanced movement and multiple target engagement, a one-on-one lesson will take your proficiency to the next level. Personalized lessons are a great way for new shooters to grow in confidence with their firearm.

Starting at $75/hour for private instruction. (One free lesson a month with our Patriot membership)

Our Instructors

Brian Austin

At an early age, Brian was shooting shotguns, rifles, and pistols for hunting and target practice. He honed his firearm skills by attending classes taught by Chris Rainey (Proactive Defense), Alex Szakacs (Canadian USPSA champion & competition instructor), Brian Harpole (Consolidated Training Group) and is one of the original members of Ryan Wilks’ North Texas Lead Farmers (NTXLF). Brian became a member of Proactive Defense in 2010, started volunteering at PAD in 2011, and became a staff instructor in 2015. He is the lead instructor for Drills Night and PAD classes as well as private lessons. Brian instructed many of the current PAD instructors. He is a member of Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) and is a National Rifle Association (NRA) Endowed Life Member. Brian is also an NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Range Safety, and Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home.

Brian holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the best school in the country, Texas A&M University. He worked in the telecom industry for over 20 years in Paging, Cellular, and Land Mobile Radio system for first responders and military applications. He was instrumental in building a nationwide system for Afghanistan and holds a U.S.patent for Dynamic Channel Allocation in an LMR system. During his time in the industry, Brian developed technical training programs for customers and new hires from diverse backgrounds. This skill applied to firearms instruction helps him explain proper shooting techniques in a variety of ways from beginner to advanced shooters with an emphasis on safety and proper gun handling. Brian’s philosophy for defensive shooters is to balance accuracy and speed while ALWAYS maintaining safety.

Paul Lee

Paul has been a teacher and coach since 1994, with extensive training in teaching methodologies for students labeled as gifted and talented.
He has attended numerous shooting schools run by US Military combat veterans, including former members of the Navy SEALs, and the Army’s SOFD-D, and has combined those classes with his teaching experience to help further the knowledge of Proactive Defense club members and clients.

Many times, even when he is not formally instructing a class, you will find Paul walking about the range helping and coaching our clients.  He has a passion for firearms and a passion for instruction, and we are proud to have him as an instructor here at Proactive Defense.

Brad Tuttle

Brad served in the armed forces as a U.S. Navy Diver. He was a former natural national power-lifting champion. And was one of the original members of the evangelistic strength ministry The Power Team. Brad is also a licensed Personal Protection Officer with the highly respected Shaffer Security Group. Brad teaches private lessons, as well as being a lead instructor for many of our classes, and he heads up our Church Security Training. He has also developed several unique classes (Friday Firearms and Fitness; Red Dot Pistol Class) which he teaches here at  Proactive Defense. He has a passion to train and equip people with the ability to effectively defend themselves and their loved ones. He is constantly training, and learning in order to be the best instructor possible.

Brad is also a licensed and ordained minister and has traveled the world extensively preaching the Gospel. He holds a Doctor of Biblical Studies degree from Masters International University of Divinity. Brad and his wife Jana have their own evangelistic ministry where they preach, equip and teach people here in the U.S. and abroad.

Brad Stanley

In the 6 years since coming to Proactive Defense has become an outstanding advocate of the 2nd amendment and an accomplished shooter in rifle and handgun disciplines and an NRA Handgun and Rifle Instructor. Brad has completed all of the classes Proactive offers including the Long Range Rifle and Long Range Handgun Classes. Brad has been a distinguished shooter during the Proactive Defense Cloudcroft Shooting camps and has been instrumental in helping Proactive Defense develop family educational shooting programs and most recently the “How Do we practice Class”. Brad has taken advantage of many other educational opportunities with many other schools to increase his knowledge base and has several schools scheduled this year as continuing education. All of our instructors take training elsewhere and this knowledge is then brought back to the students of Proactive Defense. Brad is a well-rounded shooter and family man, with many talents beyond the shooting world.

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